Alex's Comments


Working under Mrs. Makiyama has been a pleasure and an eye-opener into the world of Japanese politics. As some one who has always had an interest in politics, this internship opportunity has allowed me to witness events that could potentially shape the policies of Japan. It has been fascinating working within the political machine and seeing first hand the cogs and gears that make Japan run. Mrs. Makiyama has given me the opportunity that most foreigners would be unable to experience; working within the Japanese Diet. As someone who has grown up in Japan, this internship has given me an insight into the political machinations of my adopted country. I have grown a fondness for politics, and even after this short time working under Mrs. Makiyama, I believe I want to further pursue a career in politics. The internship has also greatly increased my Japanese speaking ability exponentially. Thanks to Mrs. Makiyama, I am currently experiencing a once in a life time opportunity that has shown me the intricacies and the excitement that can be found within the world of politics.