Before the devastating earthquake that shook Japan, Japan was one of the greatest tourists attractions across the globe.  Attracting guests from around the world, Japan seemed to be the epicenter of a vacationer’s dream.  However after the earthquake, panic spread beyond the borders of Japan.  Though the areas near Fukushima face an uphill battle trying to remedy the nuclear issue in that area, the government is working its very best to not only to restore Japan to where it was but to improve upon it.  Many industries have been directly and indirectly affected by this earthquake.  One of the greatest disturbed industries that has been often over looked or skimmed by the media is tourism.  Tourism had been a continuous financial support for Japan, but this valuable resource has plummeted due to fear of radiation spreading throughout Japan.  One of the "rumor-affected" tourist areas includes Kanagawa Prefecture, the second largest prefecture in Japan.  The radiation level in Kanagawa is actually lower than the international standard of radiation 1 microsievert, yet the prefecture continues to struggle with the receding numbers of visitors.  One way to remedy this unprecedented issue is spreading awareness of the safety of Kanagawa prefecture.  Listed below are great tourist destinations located in Kanagawa prefecture, which are must visit destinations.  Hopefully this article will be part of the solution to the revival of Japan. 



1.     Ebina [海老名]・Zama [座間]

2.     Hakone [箱根]

3.     Kawasaki [川崎]

4.     Matsudamachi [松田町] ・Yamakitamachi [山北町]

5.     Miura [三浦]・Hayama [葉山]・Yokosuka [横須賀]

6.     Sagamihara [相模原]

7.     Samukawamachi [寒川町]

8.     Shonan Area [湘南]

9.     Yokohama [横浜]

10.     Fujisawa [藤沢]

11.     Kamakura [鎌倉]

    “There is a reason why Kanagawa has become the second most populated prefecture in Japan.  Despite being only thirty minutes away from Tokyo, Kanagawa prefecture offers a more diverse spectrum of things that appeal to locals and foreigners alike.  From the world renowned hot springs of Hakone to the local festivals in Matsudamachi, I assure you that you will not only want to visit but live in Kanagawa!” 
    -Hiroe Makiyama