Kawasaki [川崎]

A rising tourist destination is the city of Kawasaki which is located between Tokyo and Yokohama and is the ninth most populated city in Japan.  A popular stop on the historically significant Tokaido road across Japan, Kawasaki continues to rise in popularity for the multitude of things it offers for its inhabitants and visitors alike. 

One of the most popular images of Japan is the busy Nakamise-dori street.  This 200 meter street is the lane that runs between the Daisanmon to the Kawasaki Daishi and is lined up with stores selling mochi, Tontoko-ame (candy), and daruma dolls.  Constantly filled with people, Nakamise-dori is the perfect destination for gift shopping and interaction with the Japanese people.  Next month Nakamise dori will be hosting the Furin Ichi Festival, the festival of the wind chimes.  At this festival, wind chimes from all over Japan will be brought singing wildly in the rowdy lifestyle.

Another similar popular area are the cineplex called La Citta Della and Lazona, the “land of anything one could ask for”.  Inspired by European city design and architecture, this village offers the best of the Tokyo Metropolitan area sufficing everyone’s needs.  Colorful streams of stores and restaurants can be found along the cobblestone that founds this tourist haven including the Ginza Toujuro which specializes in poultry cuisine.  Even a state of the art of nightclub and skate parks is available to the general public.  Lazona similarly offers fashion, dining, and entertainment in the form of numerous stores and restaurants.  Housing stores that include Bic Camera, Tokyo Komachi, Global Work, Olympia, and 300 other shops, Lazona is a place that entertains an audience of all ages.  Unrivaled in many parts of Japan, La Citta Della and Lazona are places one must visit in Kawasaki.

For those who are looking for some peace and quiet from their hectic lives, the Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall is the best place to be.  Opened in 2004, the symphony hall offers top classical music by the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra.  The hall also offers casual lunches with live time performances.  With a variety of places with each one offering so much, Kawasaki rivals other industrial entertainment centers in Japan.