Matsudamachi [松田町] ・Yamakitamachi [山北町]

1. Matsudamachi [松田町]

Not as well known as Hakone or Kawasaki, Matsuda Machi still offers a fun time for foreigners who truly want to know the Japanese people.  Matsuda Machi is a town located in Ashigarakami District and has a modest population of nearly 11,000.  A popular activity in the area is the local matsuri, or Japanese festivals.  Held throughout the year, these festivals offer some of the most traditional experiences of Japan.  Often having great food and games, this is a great way for families to have fun in a new environment.

City like tourist attractions may not to everyone likes and for that reason, Matsuda Machi would be a greay place to visit.  Unlike many other tourist attractions, Matsuda machi prides itself with simplistic pleasures.  For example, consider the nearby Tanzawa mountain range where people can fish, camp, and paraglide.

2. Yamakita Machi [山北町]

          One of the most popular relaxation destinations for Japanese and foreigners alike is the ryokan, an inn that usually provides hot spring baths and delectable plates of food.  One of the most popular and affordable ryokans are available in Yamakita machi.  Yamakita machi is a town located in the Ashigarakami District in Kanagawa and it has the wonderful Ryokans, Gyouzantei Yamabuki and the Hatago Ichinoyu.  Both ryokans are highly recommended for the calm ambience they offer for their guests.  Furnished with great public baths, clean rooms, and great dinners, the aforementioned ryokans deliver a hospitality that rivals some of the very best accommodations around the world.  Friendly service, great food, peace, and quiet, what is there not to love?